We have had wonderful visits with new friends here in Scotland, as well as with old friends from America who are now living here in Scotland. It has been great meeting new people and reconnecting with others as we settle into life in St. Andrews. Here are a few of the friends we have been hanging out with…

First, Alisa! Alisa and I went to university together in California. She was one of my crazy, fun, loud (in a good way!) friends who is passionate about social justice and youth. She has since lived in Africa and is now in a town about an hour from here called Perth. She and her husband run a YoungLife group out there and they were kind enough to come visit. John (her husband) used to live in St. Andrews, so he gave us some insider tips, including taking us to the legendary pastry shop, Fischer & Donaldson. Here is us with way too much cream-filled pastries:DSCN7768








Alisa and I also hung out on a bench at West Sands a bit and here is a view of our stormy day conversation spot:DSCN7774

Next we have Erin, one of my old junior high students from the youth group I worked at in Long Beach. I remember Erin as a tiny, cute, silly, thoughtful, and intelligent middle schooler. Her family is wonderful and I used to go hiking with her mom sometimes. Now she is studying at the University of Glasgow! She was in St Andrews for a Model United Nations meeting, so we met up and talked for awhile. We are definitely going to go visit her in Glasgow sometime!


Our friend Christi (who I actually taught with back in the US) and our new German friend Marie came over one night for dinner. We tried Iron Bru, a soda that Scottish people are obsessed with (Well, some hate it–but a few people I work with love it and were determined I try it.). Apparently it is one of the only (if not THE only) sodas to outsell Coca-Cola regionally. We all decided it tasted like chemicals and bubble gum, so it might not be one to put on your “Must Try” list.

We also went to a neighboring fishing village called Kingsbarn where a few of our friends live. These are our Finnish friends, Tommi and Maaret. Tommi is in Isaac’s office and he made us a traditional Log Cake thing (okay, I forgot the official name!). Maaret made an amazing lasagna (very Finnish), and then we had tea. We also went for a stroll on the beach. Apparently  it is a decent surfing beach, so you may see pictures of my brother here in the not too distant future!

IMG_0016 IMG_0015 IMG_0011

And lastly, my personal favorite visits–dates with my husband! This is us at a local pub eating warm, delicious pies. Yum!

IMG_0038 IMG_0039


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