Well, this post was originally intended quite awhile ago…when the leaves were first starting to change their hues, but, of course, life happens and wouldn’t you know it, the seasons keep changing. We have now had several encounters with Scottish snow as well as frozen places on the road as we ride our bikes! 

There is a lovely trail in town called the Lade Braes that runs along a small creek. Lined with trees, it gave a beautiful autumnal display for our enjoyment! Here are some pictures from one of our walks in late October.

DSCN7711 DSCN7713 DSCN7719 DSCN7737 DSCN7741 DSCN7747 DSCN7752 DSCN7759

I also had a chance to visit with a new friend out here who lives in a tiny village called Blebo Craigs. It is exactly how you would imagine a small Scottish village called Blebo Craigs to be–quaint homes, dirt roads, farming, and stunning views of the countryside. We had tea in her sun room and then went for a walk surrounded by sheep! Needless to say,  I was ecstatic.:) Here are some photos from my time there:
Now we come to the present: Winter (not officially, but basically–especially when you are from SoCal.). A few weeks ago we noticed frost on the ground in the mornings. Then we went to Isle of Skye (a post on that is coming!) in the NW of Scotland where it hailed and snowed on us as we hiked. Then, two days ago, as I was sitting in my little office where I am temping for a few weeks, it started snowing!!! It was perfect and picturesque–I was sitting in a warm, cozy room looking over the old buildings of St. Andrews watching flurries of snowflakes come down. I immediately opened the blinds all the way and got a hot chocolate to admire the view. I forgot to take a picture, but here is proof that there was still some snow the next morning on our lawn:
We are surviving the cold thus far, and, thankfully, this week has warmed back up to 50 degrees (which I have now come to think of “it’s-warm-and-I-can wear-a-dress” weather!). More to come soon, I promise!

4 thoughts on “Seasonal

  1. Thank you for the pretty photos, Laurie! You made me laugh about the “warm temps”. Today, we FINALLY got above freezing and it is pretty nice!

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