A Day in the Life: Laurie Edition

Sorry for the long hiatus! I’d blame work and being sick, but really, I just have difficulties staying up to date on electronic communications. Hopefully I’ll get better with it because we really do want to keep all of our loved ones updated on our life here. So, without further ado, here is what a typical “day in the life of” looks like for me. Isaac will post one soon, too (and his is a much more regular schedule!).



I have a job! I happened to email a few places before we arrived about employment, and one of them worked out. It took several weeks for all the paper work to go through (I’m still not sure if this is a primarily British thing, or if all international people feel frustrated when they are trying to get bureaucratic things accomplished in foreign countries), but I’ve been working for about five weeks as a receptionist at the university’s Sports Centre. (Click here if you want to see more of what it looks like.) Basically, I check people into the gym, rent equipment out, book fields (sorry—“pitches”!), and that sort of thing. The best part of my job is the people I work with—they are all friendly, laid back, and generally fun to be around. There are a lot of practical jokes that go on, which makes work entertaining. Almost everyone I work with is Scottish (a few are English), and they teach me all about Scottish foods, words, and customs. Another superb aspect of working here is that it is the first job I’ve ever had where I take NOTHING home with me—emotionally, mentally, or physically. It is a wonderful feeling to leave work, and actually leave it all there!

The downsides? I touch germs all day as people check-in their ID cards, the pay isn’t fantastic, the crazy injuries that happen slightly unnerve me, and the hours are irregular. Oh, and I listen to pop music on the radio all day—which means I hear Miley at least twice per shift (four times the other day!).  Most of my shifts are 5pm-11pm, which makes me tired the next day (Being naturally a night person only accentuates this as I have trouble going to sleep right away since I am wide awake after work and cycling home.). It also means less time to hang out with people, since I am working during normal people’s free time. Isaac and I make time to hang out during the day and eat dinner together early, but it is never as relaxing when you know you have to leave for work later. I don’t know how those of you who regularly work nights—especially all night shifts—do it!

Some Halloween shenanigans:

(We made people do tricks for candy–it was an amusing night!)

IMG_0020 IMG_0024

Getting Sick!

I know, not really part of a daily routine, but I’ve had quite a few bouts with various British bugs—cold, sinus, stomach. Nothing really horrible, but still a constant annoyance. Thankfully, I am feeling pretty healthy right now. Let’s hope my body is adjusting!

Cooking and Baking

I feel so domestic—I cook and bake way more here than I ever have in my life. (Don’t ask about cleaning though.) There are a few reasons for this, primarily more time, but it is also a great way to heat your house and an extra creative outlet.  I’ve made lots of things we don’t normally eat regularly back in the States, though we definitely miss some foods, especially Mexican. I’ve tried my best to recreate some meals as close as I can with limited resources. Speaking of missing certain foods, I tried explaining In-N-Out to someone at work (another student was wearing an In-N-Out shirt). When I showed him a picture of the burgers online, he told me it looked fairly similar to McDonald’s—the shame!!! I tried my best to convince him of the errors of his ways.

Art Class

I’ve been taking an drawing class on Wednesday nights, which I love. It has become a highlight of my week. The instructor is wonderful and most of the people taking it are older Scottish ladies, which has been really fun! It’s a small group, and there is always tea and biscuits just to complete the feel.


Oh my, have I ever been reading! From Shakespeare to YA Lit, I’ve read so many books since being over here. Most of the books I’ve loved, one or two weren’t worth the time it took to read, and with some I just want to discuss with people so I can formulate a more coherent thought about them. I am trying to implement a rule about not reading late at night (I usually read right before going to bed) because I have been staying up too late reading good books!


I’ve been trying to keep up with running, though I must admit, the cold is quite a challenge for me. Fortunately, there are lots of beautiful trails and surprisingly, more sunny (but not warm) days than I was expecting. These are definitely a help on those days when going outside is a daunting task. Moreover, I have a running buddy! My friend Mandy and I have started running together once a week, which is good accountability. It also helps me run more other days so that I’m reasonably in shape for our runs. Here are a few of the places we run (One of them bring the Chariots of Fire beach!!! What more inspiration could you ask for?!).

A few pictures from our runs:

Well, I think that’s about all for my regular activities. Hopefully, I’ll get a few more posts out soon as we have an onslaught of pictures awaiting your viewing pleasure.

We miss you! :)


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Laurie Edition

  1. What great updates, photos of baking/cooking and scenery!!! I am curious if your oven is small, like the one I had in Germany. We had a few inches of snow today and a few more are expected tomorrow. I am glad you saw snow on your trip!
    love and hugs, Aunt Jane

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