A Day in the Life: Isaac Edition

Hi, as Laurie mentioned in her last post, my daily routine is a little more regular, and not all that spectacular (just a simple walk to the office and back, etc.), but here are some photos to give you a bit of an idea…

Here’s my walk up the hill towards the office – we live all of about a 5 min. walk from “the Roundel” which is where I have my office.


This is the last corner I turn before going in the office – I always try to walk along the right side of the road so that I can see more of the beautiful cathedral ruins on my way in!  See that blue door in the tower there on the bottom – that’s the door to my office (well, sort of…)!


…if you follow right off the tip of my finger, that’s the window to my office!


Here’s my desk – Laurie helped decorate it! You’ll notice the hot chocolate jar there on the right – we usually read Hebrew every morning together down-stairs, and so I like to have a cup of hot cocoa at that time.


I share my office with 5 other awesome New Testament folks! 3 of them are fellow Hafemann students (we meet together every Wednesday evening with our advisor Dr. Hafemann to talk about what we’re studying!).


Here’s the view from the window in our bathroom!!!


Since we are in St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf, two of my fellow American students here (one of them a fellow Biola Alum) talked me into getting a year-pass to one of the local golf courses – here’s me on the golf course with the clubs that I bought for 1 pound each at a local thrift store…Laurie has since purchased for me a rockin’ red golf bag for my clubs. I’ve been trying to play with the guys at least once a week.

To finish off, here is a shot of the walk home from the office at the end of the day (our house is one of the ones at the end of the line of cars there on the right), as well as a picture of the town from a spot that I like to jog to about once or twice a week.  Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Isaac Edition

  1. Thanks, Issac! The cathedral photos are amazing! Good luck with golf. It is so green there and that is something you miss in Colorado. What was the review on the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies? love, Aunt Jane

    • Isn’t the cathedral amazing? It is crazy to have it just in the town whenever you walk around–as if ruins were normal… And the cookies were delicious! (Even Isaac liked ’em, and he doesn’t love pumpkin!)

  2. Isaac: Awesome that you are still staying in your Hebrew. I just got back from ETS / IBR / SBL / AAR in Baltimore. I talked to several St. Andrews folks, including John Donne, Andrew Cowan, & Christina Larsen. Looks like you guys have a great group over there. it was great to Skype with you the other day.
    – Scott

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