Our “Secret” Beach

DSCN7503Isaac and I have taken to running along the Fife Coastal Path (when it’s not raining), and it is gorgeous! It’s a bit hilly and muddy, but you are right along the cliffs overlooking the ocean with spectacular views of the town. One day while Isaac was working (he is such a good student!) I decided to go exploring and ran the trail until it passed a golf course and came to this tiny beach area. I know it’s not a secret beach–it’s on the Coastal Path for crying out loud!–but I hadn’t seen anyone for the last 1/2 mile or so and there was not a soul on the beach, so I dubbed it my secret beach. Anyways, Isaac and I went back another day and ate berries, took pictures, went tidepooling (not much here!), and enjoyed the general splendor. Thought you might enjoy it, too!


2 thoughts on “Our “Secret” Beach

    • Thanks, Aunt Melanie! I completely agree with you–so beautiful and peaceful! I am doing a yoga class out here, too. My instructor reminds me of you a bit–she is very kind and relaxed. :) We love you and hope you are all doing well!

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