Of Berries and Baking

Who doesn’t like berries? They have to be one of the best healthy foods out there–it’s like dessert, but classified as “really good for you”. There are berry bushes all over the place out here, and we have decided to take advantage of that fact. They are all blackberry bushes, but still, it’s a berry, right?

Last weekend, Isaac and I took a container and went berry picking up the Fife Coastal Path for a couple hours. We probably picked about five cups of berries. With crimson-stained hands, we made our way home to try out some British recipes. I found one for a crumble where the crumbs were baked separately, and it was delicious! We decided it was one of the best things we’ve eaten out here so far, especially with vanilla ice cream. (Which is good, considering we have had leftovers of it all week!) Here are some pictures:

We also decided to make homemade chicken potpie since it, too, seems to be another British dish and the weather has become cooler. We threw tons of veggies and some chicken thighs in the crock pot, let it stew all day and then poured it in the skillet with some phyllo dough. We had never used phyllo, and didn’t have a anything to brush butter on with, so it turned out a bit less than picturesque, but it tasted good all the same.

Definitely looking forward to more British kitchen adventures! :)



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