Beginnings (part one)

We’ve arrived! Well, actually, we arrived one month and one day ago, but it has taken us awhile to get settled. We wanted to catch you up on some of what’s been happening…

We were blessed in so many ways upon arrival. First, Sheila, the best bag checker-inner ever, was kind enough to have her price calculator “malfunction” when checking us in, so we only had to pay $100 for our three extra bags–saving us at least $300. Thanks, Sheila! Then, we arrived to a bag of food and flowers on our doorstep, courtesy of Isaac’s Ph.D. advisor and his wife (you will hear more about them!).


Finally, a family with whom we have mutual friends back in the States made us this delicious dinner:


(and let us borrow some items as the towels and sheets in our place were either non-existent or gross). Thanks, Ketterlings! :)

We also, of course, did some exploring our first days here. I’ll post a few photos since it was a gorgeous day:

This is the harbor–the colorful houses here are some of my favorites.


This is the path we take to East Sands beach–everyone keeps telling us the weather won’t usually be this nice, but so far we’ve had more sunny days than not. We shall see…

Here is Isaac & I at East Sands, as well as our first (mini) dip in the North Sea–and yes, it is as cold as you’d imagine, though surprisingly clear.


Here are some pictures from St. Salvator’s quad and chapel. This is as close to the actual location of the university as you can get since its buildings are spread around town. We had more “traditional” Scottish weather this day.

IMG_1449 DSCN7361And, to conclude this post, here are two photos from dusk near Castle Sands. Don’t worry, I have plenty more to catch you up on in the next couple posts! ;)




7 thoughts on “Beginnings (part one)

  1. THANKS for sahring the beautiful beginnings of your journey.
    Hope that the magic, joy and beauty continues to unfold!!!

  2. Have enjoyed your postings and all the lovely pics! Glad to hear you’re getting settled and enjoying Bonnie Scotland! Will look forward to following you guys on this exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Be happy, be well and know you are always wished the best.
    Love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Ken

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